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No Problem

It takes a long time to develop and enhance a business reputation....and a second to destroy it.  This is what prompted us to write the script for “No Problem” which was produced by our friends at AKT Productions Ltd and sponsored by Minstrell Recruitment Ltd, a top quality employment business with offices in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Newark.  

The need for a flexible labour market is never more apparent than during a recession when many employers and contractors prefer to use ‘temps’ rather than recruit full-time staff.  This attitude, whilst perfectly legitimate and understandable, brings with it a number of hidden risks for both the hirer and the employment business, including the big one ….the risk of reputational damage, which can often prove irreparable. 

There has never been a more appropriate time to review your procurement policy relating to the engagement of temporary labour which should also extend to the use of third-party intermediary structures including CIS Contracting businesses and Umbrella Companies.  The situation drama “No Problem” allows you to see what could go wrong when general compliance is disregarded by consultants, site managers and Chief Executives alike. We hope you enjoy the film as much as we did making it!   

Daughter of the Aspire Partners cuts first album!

Always looking for new music to listen to? The Partners of Aspire Business Partnership LLP have a very talented daughter who forms one half of ‘All Who Wonder’.

Check out their new track below from the first album cut! Enjoy!

What the bird tweeted

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